Mar 11, 2015

Sailor girlies

fun with sea wenches,... mmmm WENCHES! just a very quick sketch

Jan 27, 2015


More from the guys who can slice your DNA anytime :)
I have to say I kinda like the Usual suspect Minion thing as an idea :) There's money and Hollywood in that one :)))

Jan 26, 2015


Hi there,

So there is this nifty little company called OMIXON
Here they are on facebook, go like them!

We have a monthyl pic coming from them which is fun to draw. I asked them if it is okay to post them here as well, they said, sure :)
So here we go, some "cartoons" done for them.
They have a weird sense of humor, just roll with it :)

Jan 14, 2015

More from yesterday evening. I won't ruin your childhood by uploading Bruce Whiskers from Purr hard

Drink and Draw this month :) first batch. More coming up!

Dec 18, 2014

Bad puns.. Someone had to draw this though... Come on...
Red templars?? bulls????

Nov 19, 2014

Shaolin Dead Girl cover

Drawn some time ago, this is one of those projects that I care about, but am to lazy to do it just in my free time. I think this was done 2013 june
Logo missing
I may revisit this and do a new one :)

Nov 6, 2014

Racoon and racks

Found these two from previous drink and draw as well.
Sexy nurses are hot.. I want a sexy nurse dammit!
Also, Rocket racoon is the only one of his kind, so I think Marvel should give him a missus Racoon with... racks.... sorry...

Posthumus inktober the second

and we continue our scheduled program, still more retarded sketches from the inktober and the drink and draw.
  • Spider-elephant, which should get its own series... You know a radioactive elephant pinches a spider?
  • a random guy falling towards a random object, 
  • saga fanart whish is a pin in the ass if you don't know what they look like :)
  • Spidey and the Rhino... and a car
  • and the end of Hollywood, Yetis In Space III. the motion picture legend!